Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders

Upon returning to Sandpoint, the party sold their loot and consulted the local sages regarding the strange seven pointed star that had been found rather often lately. Brodert Quink explained to them that the star is called the Sihedron Rune and that it is a symbol of the ancient empire of Thassilon. The next morning, they met with Sheriff Hemlock and participated in the trial and execution of Tsuto Kaijitsu.

Afterwords, the party decided the travel to Magnimar in search of their benefactor, Aldern Foxglove, and also looking forward to spending their new-found wealth in Magnimar’s marketplaces. Upon arriving, they found that Aldern had recently left town by ship and was headed back towards Sandpoint. After buying some new gear and spending a night at the Old Fang taproom, they journeyed back to Sandpoint in search of Aldern.

When they arrived at Sandpoint, they found no sign of Foxglove, but were quickly escorted to the Sheriff’s office where Hemlock explained that there had been some recent trouble that he needed the party’s help with. It seems that while the party had been away, a murderer had stuck! Also, a strange note was found at the crime scene addressed to Rohan which read: “We have spoken of this before, Rohan, my master. Now it begins. Join the pack and it will end.” After investigating the crime scene, the party deduced that some sort of undead creature may be suspect, but that it may have an accomplice as the Sihedron Rune was found carved into one of the victims’ chest.

After speaking with the Sheriff, the party discovered that this was the second set of murders in recent days and that there had been a survivor from the first murders who is currently locked up in the nearby sanatorium. The party headed south and met with Erin Habe, the owner of the sanatorium and met with Grayst Sevilla, the crazyman. Grayst delivered a message to Rohan stating “He said you should come to the Misgivings soon, to meet the Pack. They have something wonderful to show you.” After delivering his message, Grayst attacked the party, but was quickly subdued and brought to Father Zantus to be cured of the Ghoul Fever he had contracted.

Learning that The Misgivings is the local name for the nearby dilapidated Foxglove Manor, the party set out at once to get to the bottom of this. While traveling through the nearby farmlands, they were set upon by an old farmer named Grump who frantically told them that strange creatures were terrorizing the nearby farms and that scarecrows were coming alive and attacking people. They journeyed into the farms, fought off a number of ghouls posing as scarecrows, and assaulted the nearby farmhouse which was full of ghouls and a dread ghoul controlling them all. After slaying the ghouls, they found the body of Farmer Hambley with another note tacked to his corpse. This one read: “I fear you. I hate you. You must fear and hate me as well. You may unmask me, so I must unmask you first!” The party traveled south to Grump’s farm and found his family safe. After giving the family their horses, they slept the night in the Grump farmhouse and readied themselves for the journey to the Misgivings in the morning.

Burnt Offerings

While attending the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint, the PCs helped defend the town from a Goblin raid. After becoming the town heroes, they were approached by a local nobleman named Aldern Foxglove who offered to sponsor their adventuring party. After a few misadventures in town, the party met with Sherrif Belor Hemlock, Mayor Kendra Deverin, and a local Elven Ranger, Shalelu Andosana and discussed the goblin raid. Sherrif Hemlock left the defense of the town in the hands of the party and departed for Magnimar to secure more guards to defend the town.

The next day, the party discovered that the Innkeeper, Ameiko Kaijitsu, was missing. They followed a note found in her room to the Sandpoint Glass Factory, owned by her father. After breaking into the factory, they discovered Ameiko’s father along with several factory workers brutally murdered within along with a host of goblins and Ameiko’s brother, Tsuto Kaijitsu. After capturing Tsuto, freeing Ameiko, and studying Tsuto’s journals, the party deduced that the attack on the town originated in the goblin stronghold of Thistletop and was masterminded by a woman named Nualia. In addition, they discovered a series of tunnels below the Glass Factory which it appeared the goblins entered town through, plus a strange tunnel leading deeper into the earth.

After locking Tsuto up in the jailhosue, the party decided to explore the tunnels below the glass factory and discovered a dungeon filled with horrible monsters and a sneaky Quasit magician. They also found carvings of a strange seven pointed star and deactivated a bubbling well that produced Sinspawn.

Once the catacombs were cleared out, the party set out to Thistletop to deal with the goblin menace and stop Nualia from her demon-summoning schemes. They raided the stockade, killed a bunch of goblins, includling Chief Ripnugget, freed a captive horse, and delved deeper into Thistletop. In the second level, they fought Yeth Hounds and mercenaries before finding the secret passageway that led into the depths of the dungeon. They confronted Nualia and her henchmen, killed her, chopped off her head, and put it in a bag. After the deed was done, they decided to explore this lower level more thoroughly and accidentally awakened a horrible Greater Barghest that was imprisoned there. Thankfully, they were able to escape his claws and reseal him in him prison before being ripped to shreds. After nearly fully looting Thistletop, they headed back up to the surface and journied back to Sandpoint…


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