Rise of the Runelords

The Hook Mountain Massacre

After killing the Lamia Xanesha atop the Shadow Clock, the party was contacted by Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras and given a quest to travel to Fort Rannick, high in the Hook Mountains to the East, to discover the reason that all communication between the Fort and Magnimar had recently ceased. The party was joined by Shalelu, the Elf Ranger, and took a ferry up the Yondabakari River to the small village of Turtleback Ferry. While in town, they noticed a number of the townsfolk sporting tattoos of the Sihedron Rune and upon questioning them, they discovered that these had been given by a mysterious woman named Lady Lucrecia on a riverboat that had sunk in a recent fire. With no further leads, they decided it was time to go investigate the Fort. On their way North, they were waylaid by a crazed Ogre hunter and stumbled upon the homestead of his inbred insane Ogre family. After murdering all of the Graul Ogres, the party rescued a group of the Black Arrows, the adventuring company that was formerly guarding Fort Rannick. After discussing options with the Arrows, the party set out to retake the fort. Thanks to some inattentive guards and some impromptu camoflague wripped up by Theo, the party was able to sneak through a secret tunnel behind a waterfall that led into the Fort’s inner grounds. After a near-deadly encounter with a pack of Shocker Lizards, the party managed to get inside the Fort walls and create a diversion by setting the Barracks on fire, burning several Ogres to death in the process. After this, the party scaled the walls and dropped down to the first floor of the keep. From here, they killed a great deal of Ogres and reclaimed the keep, but when they checked out the prison area they discovered that Lucrecia had convereted the basement to her living quarters and after she turned into a Lamia and fought the party, she was able to retreat through a secret door into the tunnels below.



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